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PRE cut Customized skins

Waist Fitted Skins

All the different varieties of MONTANA skins and attachments are available as customized waist fitted climbing skins for skis and splitboards.
We individually design the skins depending on your ski or splitboard data (send us your ski or splitboard DXF/DWG file).
Thanks to precise CAD-CAM technology, the climbing skins are precisely cut to the shape of your sports equipment.
We already have most of the common ski and snowboard profiles on file for customized production of your skins.

Customized waist fitted Skins with Logo
Customized Cut & Go Skins sets with Logo

Logo on Glue side
- No cost for custom logo on glue side.
- 100 pairs minimum for logo on glue side.

Logo on Plush side
- Price according to material & attachment.
- Product Box or kit included.
- Minimum quantity 400 pairs.

Attachment options
We offer a variety of attachment options like skiclamp, tip-bow, hooks or skipiercing. We offer logo options for all attachments.

PRE attachment options (tip & tail)

M-Ski Clamp Tip Bow Z-Hook for hole U-Hook for hole
Twintip Clamp Tailclip Rubberband Twintip Clamp Rubberband U-Hook and Rubberband
Split Clamp Split clamp Rubberband U-Hook Splitboard Z-Hook Splitboard
U-Hook & Rubberband for Splitboard   Skipiercing Piercing Splitboard
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