What is Adrenaline Fusiontec?
How do climbing skins work?
Is it bad to leave skins on skis?
How long do skins last?
What are skin savers?
How do I trim my skin?
How to (summer) store my skins
Is there a way to clean gunk off of skins? (dirt, needles, etc. picked up from late season slopes...)
If the contact adhesive becomes heavily soiled and its adhesive properties diminish, the skins should be re-coated using the transfer tape.
Who can service my climbing skins?
Ask your retail store if they provide re-glue, re-coating service.
> Glue renew
What tip attachment should I choose?
The M-Ski Clamp offers best in class glue adhesive coverage and snow replacement.
Skin coverage on the rocketed shovel can cause significant drag when breaking trail in deep snow.
Compared to tip bow attachments you save 2% skin weight at the tip.
The rigid tip prevents snow from creeping under the skin in deep powder or when breaking trail.
Strong, adjustable, flexible for almost any ski tips.
Cheaper or equal priced as tip bow sets.
How much do climbing skins weight?
It depends on the width and the length of your skis. The average weight of climbing skins is about:
> 200-250 gram on each foot (climbing skin)
MONTANA skins are among the most lightweight skins on the market.
The most effective way to save weight is usually to choose ligthweight skis, boots and bindings, because the weight can add:
> 2700 gram up to 5200 gram on each foot (ski, boot, binding)
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